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 Live Productions 

Live from Hollywood!  Theatre of Arts stages theatrical productions throughout the year, live at our campus on Hollywood Boulevard. Join us to see our incredible talent in action!


Until He Wasn't

September 14-17, 2023

Theatre of Arts, Hollywood's longest-running drama conservatory, is proud to present a student production of Until He Wasn't, the dark thriller play written by Patrick McLaughlin. 

Until He Wasn't revolves around the character of Colin Bayley, who serves as the common bond between four complete strangers. For Natalie, he was a breath of fresh air that brought her back to life. For Tenille, he was the co-star in her own personal rom-com. For Gavin, he was an unexpected surprise. For Raya, he was everything. As the four strangers share their personal histories with the same man, they can truly agree on only one thing: Colin Bayley was the ultimate charmer… until he wasn’t.


Colin: Damiano Potenti

Gavin: Jaque Pesanka

Raya: Kylie Marie Thomas

Natalie: Julie Wiesenberg

Tenille: Jazmine Jackson

Victoria: Maira Padamata

Jamie: Isabel Figueredo

Lauren: Maira Padamata

Dry Cleaner: Nick Harris

Mother: Maira Padamata

Greg: Nick Harris

Written by Patrick McLaughlin

Directed by Claire Jacobs

September 14–17, 2023

The Emerson Theater

Theatre 68 Arts Complex

5112 Lankershim Blvd.

North Hollywood, CA



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