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Audition Technique Courses

Located in the heart of Hollywood, the Theatre of Arts drama conservatory offers actor audition technique classes to all students enrolled in our accredited two-year acting degree program. Interested in pursuing an acting career? We invite you to apply or request free information today!


Audition Technique

AT220, Year Two (2 Credits)


This is an entirely practical performance course that addresses ways of improving audition skills for theatre, television, and film. Through the choice and preparation of monologues, instructions on how to develop a cold reading technique and exercises in pre-read auditions, producer callbacks and screen tests, the instructor will illustrate the steps involved ensuring the best result. Original scripts from film and television projects currently being cast will be used in class as learning tools in the simulated audition exercises. Students will be expected to prepare numerous monologues and sides as part of their class work. This course provides the opportunity to explore previous discoveries made in all aspects of actor training, and to employ pre-acquired skills effectively at castings and auditions. Students receive critical evaluation of their presentation directly during each session.


Prerequisites: Rehearsal/Performance


Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, students should demonstrate:


  • Ability to identify and apply strong, playable objectives and actions in the presentation of a monologue or scene in auditions

  • Ability to demonstrate truthful emotional availability through voice and speech and physical behavior in auditions

  • Ability to analyze instructions, criticism, and feedback in a positive and professional manner and to make immediate adjustments to integrate these observations

  • Communicating, not only with fellow actors, but also to an audience

  • Ability to take responsibility for choices and critically assess and reflect on their own work


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