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Motion Capture Courses

Located in the heart of Hollywood, the Theatre of Arts is proud to be the only accredited acting conservatory offering cutting-edge motion capture acting classes to all students enrolled in our two-year acting degree program. Interested in pursuing an acting career? We invite you to apply or request free information today.


Movement III: Intro to Motion Capture

MT201, Year Two (2 Credits)


Introduction to Motion Capture class is a rehearsal course designed to give the student an overview of the actor’s job on a motion capture set. The class continues to develop the concepts learned in Movement and Combat classes. The class begins with creature work and character creation. Students will then be introduced to the concepts of video game performance capture, terminology in Kinematics work and In-game technical skills that prepare the actor for work in all the areas of performance capture. The class will culminate in scene work focusing on elements of physical listening and character believably. Throughout the course, the student is exposed to the business of motion capture, effectively learning the secrets to getting cast in this exciting new field of performance.


Prerequisite(s): Movement I, Movement II


Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, students should demonstrate:


  • Knowledge of the terminology and techniques for successful performance capture creation

  • The skills necessary to perform in any volume at any motion capture studio

  • Knowledge of the professional and unique relationships required between actors and animators.

  • An understanding on how to form a believable creature in an imaginative way

  • Awareness of the rigorous challenges of controlling body movements precisely for a motion capture environment 

  • Demonstrate readiness to work in the motion capture industry


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