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Industry Preparation Courses

Located in the heart of Hollywood, the Theatre of Arts drama conservatory offers entertainment industry business preparation courses to all students enrolled in our accredited two-year acting degree program. Interested in pursuing an acting career? We invite you to apply or request free information today.


Industry Preparation

IP210, Year Two (2 Credits)

This is a comprehensive review of how an actor deals with the business side of the profession. From how to prepare a resume, how to get the best headshots, how to use social networks to build industry contacts, how to find out about upcoming casting and how to obtain the various union memberships; all these subjects are explored. Financial planning, tax preparation, and agent/manager relationships are also part of this course. Website design, internet submissions, acting workshop, networking, related performing arts classes and alternative sources of income are all reviewed to prepare the student for a proactive and fulfilling career. You will be working on creating a resume of your work throughout the class as a preparation for their future professional resume and will be handed in at the end of the class. As well as your core faculty member some sessions will be conducted by visiting industry professionals.

Course Learning Outcomes: On completion of this course, students are expected to demonstrate progress in:

  • Identifying and applying effective strategies in promoting yourself as an actor to the industry

  • Understanding the importance of financial planning and management as an actor

  • Understanding of the marketing resources available to the actor

  • Understanding roles of agents, managers, casting directors and publicists within the industry

  • Familiarity with internet and social media tools available to the actor and developing optimum use of these media in promoting and exposing your work to the entertainment industry


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