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"The Fundraiser" Premiere @ Student Shorts Film Festival

TOA is proud to present the premiere of "The Fundraiser", directed by D.R. Bellard. When a small-time weed dealer comes up short, he must sell a very different product to stay alive—girl scout cookies for his boss's eight year-old daughter. With Tanny Mosely, Rosario Garcia, Rey Rey Chase, Micah Jones and Chris Markle. An official selection of the TOA 2020 Student Shorts Online Film Festival. More details @



D.R. Bellard is a theater-trained actor, filmmaker and writer from Houston, Texas. He has starred in multiple stage productions, independent films, national commercials and music videosand has directed and written three award-winning short films (eight in total). He's a graduate of Theater of Arts Hollywood Performing Arts School with a Occupational Studies degree in Theatre, and is also a graduate of New York Film Academy (Los Angeles) with an Associates Degree of Fine Arts in filmmaking.

You can see D.R.'s latest award-winning short film "Shot by an Angel" @

Follow D.R. Bellard:

- Instagram/@drbellard1


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