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Student Housing

Living in Hollywood

Theatre of Arts does not own or maintain student residence halls, but we recognize that safe, affordable housing is a top concern for all students. Fortunately, the Los Angeles housing market is vibrant, with countless options for almost every budget and living style preference. To that end, we've assembled this page to direct students to some of the many services offering nearby living optionsall available now. 

Featured Housing Options

The Lorenzo
Located just 15 minutes from TOA, the Lorenzo offers a safe environment with apartments exclusively for students. All units are fully furnished and include utilities and internet, along with shared amenities including pool, spa, and gym. Parking also available. Visit to apply, indicating your agent is Leisha Pittman, or call 213-330-6283 with questions.

TOA students enjoy exclusive rent discounts on hassle-free spaces from, which matches renters with creative-friendly housing—all amenities included, and often with flexible leases. Browse current Los Angeles vacancies on, then contact Reece Cross in the TOA Admin Office to secure your TOA student discount.


Apartments Exclusively For Students

With scores of colleges and a thriving population of thousands of students, Los Angeles has many buildings and landlords who cater specifically to the needs and lifestyles of people pursuing their postsecondary educations. These websites specialize in housing for students.

Los Angeles

Roommates = Savings!

Students who opt to live with roommates instead of renting a whole apartment can save thousands of dollars. Some TOA students rent multi-bedroom apartments together, coordinating through a TOA Facebook group. Other online services like those below offer thousands of roommate opportunities. Click the red buttons below each to browse listings.

Los Angeles

General Apartments: Thousands of Options Just a Click Away!

Various top websites provide up-to-the-minute listings for rental apartments and houses of every kind—many with lawns, pools, laundry, fitness centers, and other amenities common in LA housing. Click the red buttons below to browse Hollywood vacancies available now.

Frequently Asked Questions: Los Angeles Student Housing

How much is a typical Los Angeles rental deposit?

You can expect to pay at least two months rent (first and last) to lease an apartment. A security/cleaning deposit is also usually required. If your credit score is lower or you’re an international student, apartment managers may require three months rent up-front.

Do I need a co-signer on my apartment lease?

If you are under 21, you will probably need a co-signer on your lease. If this is your first apartment, it is a good idea for your parents to help in your search.


Can International Students lease apartments?

Yes, but you may be required to pay a slightly higher deposit. You will usually also need to provide copies of your passport, I-20 and proof of enrollmenttogether with a financial statement proving that you have sufficient funds to pay rent.

Can I live outside the Hollywood area?

Sure! Among the popular alternatives to Hollywood is the San Fernando Valley, located just north of campus, which is only a short car or bus ride from TOA. It can be less expensive and more suburban in atmosphere, and Metro service is available. 

Should I bring a car to Los Angeles?

Contrary to popular belief, having a car in LA is hardly a must. You can get almost anywhere either by rideshare service, taxi, bus or subway. While having a car can be convenient, LA's traffic is infamously bad, insurance rates are high, and parking can be very expensive.

If I do have a car, where can I park?

A majority of apartment buildings have parking for tenants. Street parking is available, but often hard to come by, and parking enforcement is strict and fines are steep. Various parking lots offer monthly passes; price varies by location and can change without notice.

*Housing information is provided as a courtesy for reference only. Theatre of Arts is not affiliated with any landlord, property owner, or online real estate or roommate service. TOA does not investigate, endorse or guarantee information provided by third parties. All agreements or contractual arrangements related to housing rental or leases are strictly between you or other responsible party and the property owner or landlord.



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