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Casting and Auditioning Q&A With Zora DeHorter

Mystified by the casting process? Wondering how to step up your audition game? Please join us on Facebook LIVE June 27th for a Question & Answer session with Zora DeHorter, CSA. Born in Nigeria and raised in Britain, Zora's twenty years as a Hollywood Film, Television and Commercial Casting Director have made her an expert in knowing what it takes to get the job. In addition, Zora is a seasoned acting coach specializing in audition prep, applying her unique perspective as a casting director to help improve actors' chances of landing their dream roles. She has graciously agreed to personally review entries to TOA's #HollywoodSelftape Monologue Challenge, and Theatre of Arts is honored to welcome Zora to this special online event!

UPDATE: Thanks to Zora and everyone who joined the Q&A. So many great questions and thoughtful answers made for a hugely fun and fascinating session! If you missed all or part of the live stream, you can watch the full event below:

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