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"High Decisions" World Premiere @ Student Shorts Film Festival

TOA is proud to present the world premiere of "High Decisions", starring Juan de la Rosa and Yuwi Kim. Sometimes the war of the sexes is a food fight. Directed by Matthaeus Szumanski. An official selection of the TOA 2020 Student Shorts Online Film Festival. More details @



Juan de la Rosa, an actor, comedian and writer based in Los Angeles, is the co-star of Nickelodeon Danger Force.

Follow Juan de la Rosa:

- Instagram/@Thejuandelarosa

Yuwi Kim was born in Tokyo, Japan as a third-generation Korean. She started taking classical piano and ballet classes when she was four years old. She then moved to Hiroshima when she was twelve, and joined a drama group in high school, and a local musical group: “Chorus People”, where she first learned jazz and hip hop dance. She fell in love with street dance, and moved to Osaka to learn from world famous street dancers. In 2013, Yuwi moved to LA with the goal of becoming a better dancer. She ultimately found her true passion in acting and began training full-time at Theater of Arts, a Hollywood acting conservatory. During the weekends she trains as a stunt performer and a musical theater singer.

Follow Yuwi Kim:

- Instagram/@YuwiKim

- Facebook/YuwiKim


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