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Alex Feldman: Faculty in Focus

Alex Feldman is Chair of On-Camera Acting at Theatre of Arts Hollywood, and the CEO and founder of For Actors By Actors. He has taught at multiple premier conservatories in New York City and Los Angeles, and served as the Creative Director for The Acting Studios Beverly Hills.

A presence in film, theater and television for nearly two decades, Feldman is known for his recurring and guest-starring roles on many hit TV shows including "The Americans", "Law & Order", and "CSI: Miami". He began his writing/directing career in 2006 with “SENT”, a film based on the music of Tom Waits, and has since directed numerous short films, as well as the hit web series "Floored and Lifted".

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Feldman grew up in New York. He is a graduate of The New York Conservatory For The Dramatic Arts. For more info and full credits, please visit Alex on IMDb or at

Alex Feldman

Los Angeles, California

Recent Projects:

  • "The Americans" (FX)

  • Eternity Hill - (Written by/Directed by/Starring Alex Feldman) [Watch]

  • "Law & Order" (NBC)


Faculty Q&A:

TOA: When or how did you first realize you wanted to become an actor?

Alex Feldman: It's been on my mind since childhood. Must have been all the films I watched as a kid. My first time on set felt like home.

TOA: How would you describe the learning environment at TOA compared to other conservatories?

Alex Feldman: TOA is a community. A collaborative home base for actors.

TOA: What's your favorite thing about teaching at TOA?

Alex Feldman: Our students are dreamers. The world is full of possibilities for them. It's a beautiful creative zone to work in and evolve from.

TOA: How would you describe your overall approach to teaching?

Alex Feldman: There is no one overall approach. Each student is unique and an individualized approached is needed. I am lucky to work consistently in our industry and thus I'm able to teach from experience in addition to theory.

TOA: What advice would you give to prospective students considering pursuing their degree at ToA?

Alex Feldman: Come in with an open mind and be ready to soak up every bit of your educational process. Learn to be a collaborator to your peers and faculty.

TOA: Thank you Alex for sharing your continuing journey with us!

Alex was also a recent guest on the podcast "Live The Impossible", where he spoke at length on his own journey as an actor, as well as the importance of education for actors. Tune in to the fascinating discussion @



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