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UP(st)ART & TOA Partner For Creative Student Housing

As part of our ongoing plans to facilitate a return to on-campus learning after COVID-19, Theatre of Arts is pleased to announce another innovative housing partnership. UP(st)ART Creative Living, a fun and collaborative month-to-month co-living community, is offering currently enrolled TOA students 50% off their first month when they book a stay of three months or longer.

UP(st)ART co-living houses have low monthly rates (between $700-$800 per month, all utilities and amenities included; plus a low refundable deposit & one-time move-in fee),

and offer a variety of large common areas such as quiet desk spaces, lounges, and outdoor spaces. Each house includes facilities that vary by locationfrom recording studios, photo studio/self-tape rooms, indoor stages, movie screening rooms, etc. All bedrooms are shared; check out photos on UP(st)ART also host monthly activities including online acting classes, dance classes, guest speakers, music production, and vocal classesall included in the cost of rent.

TOA students can claim their discount instantly by clicking here to apply to UP(st)ART.


PLEASE NOTE: Theatre of Arts does not own or maintain student residence halls, but we recognize that safe, affordable housing is a top concern for all students. For more information on this and other housing options available to TOA students in the greater Los Angeles area, please consult our TOA Student Housing Guide.


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