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TOA Supports The Complex Hollywood

Theatre of Arts wishes to extend our unwavering support to our friends at The Complex Hollywood, who have announced they may close their doors at year's end due to the potential non-renewal of their lease. While TOA operates classrooms, theaters, and offices within the same building at Santa Monica Blvd. & Wilcox Ave., Theatre of Arts is a separate institution from The Complex, and will continue to operate into 2023 and beyond.

For half a century, The Complex has been a vibrant center for theatrical artistry in Los Angeles. Generations of emerging thespians have honed their skills in its beloved spaces, cementing The Complex's place as the heart and soul of LA's Theatre Row. TOA is proud to list The Complex among its most cherished partners, and encourages all supporters of the

dramatic arts to hear The Complex's appeal for help.

Whatever the outcome for The Complex Hollywood, Theatre of Arts will continue in our shared vital mission – to cultivate, celebrate, and showcase creativity and dynamic acting talent – through the 100th anniversary of our conservatory's founding in 2027, and onward and upward into our second century....


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