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Friends With Guns

September 9–18, 2022: Theatre of Arts is proud to present Stephanie Alison Walker's Friends With Guns, the provocative new dark comedy which explores the complicated issue of firearm proliferation in America. Awarded "Best Play of the Year" at the 2019 Valley Theatre Awards, Friends With Guns is the female-forward story of two diverse, like-minded liberal couples, whose nascent friendship is shaken when they find themselves on opposite sides of the gun divide. With the dynamics of their relationship upended, the husbands retreat to polarized corners, leaving the wives to bravely confront complex questions and explore newfound common ground. The LA Times describes Friends With Guns as "a subtle, savage feminist parable—a cautionary tale of the peril that may await women who dare to venture outside their accepted roles.”


  • Taylor Holder as Leah

  • Danny Paul Pett as Josh

  • Julie Wiesenberg as Shannon

  • Aaron Rife as Danny


Written by Stephanie Alison Walker

Directed by Amir Abdullah

September 9–18, 2022

The Dorie Theater

6476 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90038



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