New Media Writing Courses

Located in the heart of Hollywood, the Theatre of Arts drama conservatory offers new media writing classes to all students enrolled in our accredited two-year acting degree program. Interested in pursuing an acting career? We invite you to apply or request free information today.


New Media Writing

RP220, Year Two (4 Credits)


Students will spend the term learning from and collaborating with a professional writer in order to create an original script. The objective is to write a short film or Web Series designed to highlight and showcase each student’s specific strengths. The anatomy and structure of screenwriting will be examined to help students find and understand the most crucial aspects of storytelling. The final script will include a role for each student in the class. This script may be utilized in their 6th and final term for CD410, On-Camera Demo Reel.  Students will also learn about loglines, pitching, and table reads -- as well as being assessed on their ability to collaborate with peers.

Course Learning Outcomes:  On completion of this course students will be expected to demonstrate progress in:


  • Knowing how to write an original narrative script that complies with current industry standards

  • The ability to create their own material to produce original content to help further their professional careers

  • Familiarity with the terminology used in writing across different mediums of entertainment 

  • The ability to pitch a project to a studio or agent in order to get that project made