Military Students

All military benefits recipients applying for admission must meet the same admission standards set forth in the two-year conservatory acting school program. Please refer to the “Audition” section for more information. Prospective students considering funding their education with military benefits while enrolled in Theatre of Arts will need to call or visit the Military Services Department for instructions prior to applying for benefits. Please call 1.323.463.2500 or contact a Military Admissions Associate for further information.


All recipients of VA education benefit monies must provide disclosure about all post-secondary education earned on the application for admission so that previous credits can be applied toward degree completion requirements. As required by the VA/DOD, the following documentation is also requested for enrollment:

  • Valid 1905 (Chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment recipients only)
  • Official copies of all military transcripts
  • Official copies for all post-secondary institution transcripts where academic credit was earned
  • Certificate of Eligibility/Award of Benefits from the VA, Printed VONAPP Confirmation, or a Notice of Benefit Eligibility