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TOA Open House: April 4th
Apr 04, 2020, 2:00 PM
Theatre of Arts

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Theatre of Arts invites you to join us on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles to find out why some of the most successful actors worldwide have made TOA their entertainment career launchpad. Bring your family & friends for a fun time exploring a new career in the exciting world of acting and filmmaking!

Open House is a perfect way to see if Theatre of Arts is the acting school for you. TOA is the longest running theatre school with a fiercely modern outlook, and we encourage applicants to sample some of the foundational classes included in TOA's two-year drama program.


Work on spontaneity and having fun in a series of games followed by acting situations. Improv is great for getting you out of your head and compelling you to act in the moment.

Staged Combat Training

Ever wanted fight like a superhero without getting hurt (or hurting anyone else)? Learn the fundamentals of how weapons are used on film sets and creating the illusion of physical combat, including the art of selling a punch and reacting to on-camera attacks— just like the heroes in blockbuster action movies!

Standup Comedy

Comedy is about structure, and anyone can learn to be funny! This session teaches how to construct jokes, and how to take command at the mic. Many top actors start their careers in standup, and many continue to practice the craft. Perhaps the best way to get cast in Hollywood is to be a standup.