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All This Intimacy

"All This Intimacy" is the story of Ty Greene, an average guy writing teacher who's suddenly dumbstruck to find himself an expectant father of three – via three different women! As Ty's pregnant lovers (a married middle-aged neighbor, an ex, and his teenaged student) become aware of one another and converge to confront him, the sorry state of Ty's life snaps into focus, and he struggles to find of a path forward and get back on track. The New York Times credits "All This Intimacy" with a comedic "can't-look-away pull". 


  • Ty: Garrett North

  • Maureen: Dada Doe

  • Jen: Sarah Fanous

  • Franny: Taylor Holder
  • Seth: Lyrick Johnson

  • Becca: Kylie Thomas


Written by Rajiv Joseph

Directed by Claire Jacobs



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