Theatre of Arts does not provide student housing. Students must make their own arrangements. On average, a single room apartment or bachelor apartment will be about $650 to $1100 a month. One-bedrooms are about $900 to $1400, and two bedrooms range from $1400 to $2100.

In most buildings water, septic, and trash removal are paid for by the apartment building. You will usually only have to pay for gas and electricity, which is billed every other month. Most students average about $40-$60 per month in utility bills.

We do offer an off-campus housing guide through our sister school, the Musicians Institute, and access to information regarding other students who are looking for roommates, etc.

Theatre of Arts does not own or operate student housing and has no affiliation with any land-lord or property owner related to housing rental or lease are strictly between the student or other responsible party and the property owner or landlord. Rental prices are subject to change without notice and TOA cannot guarantee their accuracy. For more additional information about housing visit Zuma Housing or contact the Admissions Department at (323) 463-2500.

*Housing information is provided for reference only and TOA does not guarantee its accuracy; including all agreements or contractual arrangements.



Theatre of Arts is located in the heart of Hollywood, centrally located between Sunset Blvd. and Hollywood Blvd., surrounded by over 400 television studios, film studios, and casting directors. Students are able to get around using public transportation, buses, and subway in the Los Angeles areas. For the most up to date information on bus fairs and route information, please visit the LA Metro’s website at Parking lot locations are also available near the school. Metro Student Discount Information.