Getting an Acting Audition

Getting an acting audition is the first step in securing any role, whether it’s a commercial, sitcom, theatre or a film. Auditions are usually acquired through an agent or by self searching open auditions.

If you have an agent then they will submit you for roles that they feel you have a good chance of getting a callback from. Additionally, you may hear about an audition and contact your agent to see about getting in for an audition because your agent may or may not know about it. If they are aware of the role and didn’t submit you then it’s because they felt it wasn’t the right part for you this time. Be sure to inform your agent of any auditions that you discover independently and they may be able to submit you in for it.

While there are some things that you can do to improve your chances of landing a role, there are also certain things that are just out of your hands. Don’t become discouraged if you aren’t submitted or given an opportunity to audition for a particular role. This has nothing to do with your acting ability. It just means that they had a different idea for that character; either in looks, talent or a combination of both. If a casting director is looking for a blond with a small stature and you’re a brunette with a big build, then there really isn’t any point in auditioning for that part.

The best way to improve your chances of getting auditions is to learn all that you can about the art of acting. Study and practice different expressions, scenarios, emotions and characters that you admire. Cultivate your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses whether it’s an emotion, gesture or specific personality. If you feel that you need help and guidance to propel you then you may want to take some acting classes or go to a reputable acting school.